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June 2, 2010
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Dinosaur Comic Concepts by RickRaptor105 Dinosaur Comic Concepts by RickRaptor105
Just some random dinosaur characters. Iīm not sure whether Iīm going to make a webcomic with them or not. Most names are just placeholders till I find a better name.

Manny: A not very bright Mamenchisaurus who often talks with his tail, which he refers to as "Mister X", because it is mysteriously silent...
Comment: As I said, this post on the "Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week" Blog [link] inspired me to make a schizophrenic sauropod XD

LOLKOL: An always smiling Kol ghuva with few problems and bad grammar. The only time he is serious is when he complains about his stubby arms.
Comment: While drawing my cartoon dinosaurs I suddenly got the feeling that I should include a dinosaur based on those LOLCATS you find everywhere on the internet. And this alvarezsauridīs name just rhymed so well with LOL.

Mr. A. : A totally badass Anchiornis. Never make this dinosaur angry, youīll regret it.
Comment: I think itīs obvious on which person this character is based off. Come on, itīs a black dinosaur with mohawk-style feathers on his head! How can you not turn it into a dinosaurian Mr. T.? XD I know Anchiornisī true colours were a little bit different, here Iīve got an accurately coloured one if you want one: [link]

Alex: A lone Alectrosaurus. He hates everyone on Earth for no real reason and usually wallows in self-pity. What makes him especially depressive is the fact that his arms are too short to score himself.
Comment: Look, EMO-dino! Alectrosaurus means "unmarried lizard", so I first wanted to make this a dinosaur acting extremely unpleasant to others, which would have been the reason he has no wife, yet. But Alectrosaurus can also be translated as "alone lizard", and then I thought this is the perfect chance to draw probably the first EMO dinosaur on DA!

Marsh: A very serious Othnielia or Othnieliosaurus. He is constantly argueing with the more light-hearted Drinker Cope.
Comment: This dinosaur is obviously named after its discoverer, Othniel Charles Marsh, and the relationship with Cope is based on the originalsī famous "Bone Wars".

Cope: A nearly always drunken Ornithopod of the species Drinker nisti. He often argues with Marsh, though he doesnīt understand most parts of their discussions.
Comment: Come on, the genus name Drinker is way too hilarious to be ignored. Is there a better way to introduce an alcoholic dinosaur? Gotta love his face.

Comment: Iīm not sure about this one... Maybe I took one step too far with this dinosaur. He is supposed to be a Mochlodon, born in Austria, and World War II veteran. I think a dinosaur based on Adolf Hitler may not be the right figure for a comic...

Pleo: This old Poekilopleuron is a World War II veteran and Communist. He often tries to impose others on his ideology with the help of his relative Dabby.
Comment:Not as extreme as an Adolf Hitler dinosaur, but a communist dinosaur might still be a little bit too serious for a comic (but this isnīt supposed to be a comic for little children, either). At first I wanted to make the communist a really small dinosaur like Compsognathus so it has more problems to assert himself, but then I got the World War II idea and chose Poekilopleuron, whose skeleton was destroyed.

Dabby: A young Dubreuillosaurus who tries to help his cousinīs grandfather Pleo spreading his communism ideology over the world, but has absolutely no idea of politics.
Comment: This is what would turn the serious communist idea into something more humorous. The relationship between Dabby and Pleo is a reference to the fact that Dubreuillosaurus was originally assined to the genus Poekilopleuron, but has been renamed in 2006.

Orni: A quarrelsome Ornitholestes who often gets himself into trouble. He has already black eyes and even a broken nose, but he doesnīt seem to care.
Comment: This character is obviously based on the fact that Ornitholestes was once believed to have had a small horn on its nose which was actually a broken nasal bone.

Lurdo: An actually quite patient Lurdusaurus. He is a passionate sumo wrestler and the strongest and heaviest off all characters.
Comment: I already pointed out that Lurdusaurus was a very heavily-built iguanodontid. And what could be a better job for such a ponderous animal than sumo wrestling?
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Diloporaptor Featured By Owner May 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I Pity o Fool for not thinking dinosaurs are Feathered!
Why doesn't the Mochlodon character have a name?
But Kol might be an oviraptorosaur...

If you fix Mr. A, this would make a good comic!
RickRaptor105 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
I haven´t read anywhere anything about Kol ghuva being an oviraptorosaur.
See page 13 here: [link]
RickRaptor105 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2012
Ah, well, Kol ghuva is still going to appear as giant Alvarezsaur in one of my comics.
Leggurm Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Could you draw the Iguana-Don?
RickRaptor105 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2012
LOL Havenīt thought of that :D
Leggurm Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Leggurm Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
"Hey, ain't dat the same palaeontologist who put my thumb-spike in the same place where which my nose is?" (Or something like that.:D)
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